MEU Sustainability and Climate Change Action plan

Sustainability Core Targets

Reduce Emissions & Energy Consumption

Alternative Mode of Transportation

Food Consumption

Water Usage and Recycling

Increase Sustainability Education and Awareness

The Middle East University Sustainability

The Middle East University (MEU) Sustainability Plan is the University’s roadmap and critical step forward for building and operating a healthier, more sustainable and vibrant campus community to learn work and live. MEU aligns this plan with its central accountability obligations in contributing to the UN sustainable development goals to ensure a more sustainable future. MEU has committed to achieving sustainability and fighting climate change challenges through research, teaching and investments in college sustainability programs; by installing solar panels, encouraging low-carbon transportation, limiting waste and increasing awareness among its students, faculties and the wider community. This document demonstrates the ways and action plans MEU is considering in achieving sustainability and tackling climate change on campus.

Alternative Mode of Transportation

MEU works to reduce vehicle usage to cut down on energy waste and keep its campus free from congestion and pollution, MEU combines restrictive on-campus parking with free bus passes to reduce the need for personal vehicles on campus. Today, more than 95 percent of students and 70 percent of staff commute sustainably around MEU campus

Green Power

The university have implemented the project in cooperation with (Shams El Fosoul) Company for Renewable Energy by installing renewable energy devices on top of buildings roofs of and car parking.

Electricity Usage

MEU different energy saving strategies for its campus. Energy efficient appliances are an important part of the university’s sustainability efforts. A rated air conditioning units, LED indoor and outdoor lighting units.

Water Usage & recycling

MEU considers Water Management vital issue, Water is the source of life, and achieving water security comprising a serious challenge on the national and international levels.

Smart Applications

Middle East University is the smart card for both staff & students, the idea came to make students campus life easier, enhancing students and staff safety and increasing campus security.

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