MEU works to reduce vehicle usage to cut down on energy waste and keep its campus free from congestion and pollution, MEU combines restrictive on-campus parking with free bus passes to reduce the need for personal vehicles on campus. Today, more than 95 percent of students and 70 percent of staff commute sustainably around MEU campus

In order to ensure the use of a sustainable transportation that serves the environment, from one side, and maintains the University’s resources, from the other, Middle East University adopts a special policy for transportation. Through this policy, the University aims at providing safe transportation means from and to the University on the individual and environmental levels. It also seeks to encourage its members to implement better practices regarding transportation by reducing the use of private cars and facilitating the use of buses or car-sharing. The University also endeavours to provide all help for its members to use electric cars to reduce carbon emissions produced as a result of using traditional means of transportation.

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